Thursday, February 17, 2011

How Charming...

Of course my first email that rolled in on my blackberry this morning was one from Tiffany's and low & behold what was it about? Charms! And after yesterday discovering Dixie Patches I thought I completely avoided Tiffany's but I have to say, it is definitely a little yellow box vs. little blue box battle.  Both are adorable!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Southern Charm

There's nothing better than a little southern charm & when I stumbled across this website, I completely fell in love!  Dixie Patches is an adorable sight with what women love most...JEWELRY!  I'm thinking of starting a new charm bracelet as well as a new tradition (maybe with the boyfriend;]) and I think these charms are the perfect start.  Each piece of jewelry comes in a small yellow and white seersucker bag & a little yellow box (Just knowing it arrives like that screams my name!)  It's a southern twist to your typical "little blue box" aka Tiffany's.
10 of the 15 available charms

My top 5 picks :

1. peel n' eat shrimp (a quirky joke since I'm actually allergic to shrimp)
2. boiled peanut (love'em!)
3. signature bow (too cute!)

4.hurricane palm (SC palms & the blessing that I was born after Hurricane Hugo)

5. magnolia cross (in memory of my mom :])

From earrings to necklaces, charms to cufflinks (for the fellas), even t-shirts & hats, every southern belle will fall in love with what Dixie Patches has to offer! Did I mention you get a free koozie just by adding your name & email to their email list?  
How charming is that? ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Start of Something New

Couldn't be more excited at the start of my blog!  This is the first of many to come & I cannot wait to continue forward! :)

I guess for my first topic I can discuss the lovely Valentine's Day that was yesterday. My sweet boyfriend stopped by with a tiny card in hand and informed me "this is all I got for you", I pulled it out to read "Happy Valentine's Day, I love you!"  Just that little something put a smile on my face, even though I told him not to get me ANYTHING.  Well then he decides to tell me the rest is in the truck...a cute Edible Arrangement!  Best part, was when he told me "I only got a little chocolate because...
 1. you have diabetes 
2. you love chocolate 
& 3. you're not supposed to eat lots of chocolate with diabetes but you do it anyways" 

It's the little things that matter ♥